Virtual Saddleworth


Beer Walk 2009 

Anybody who has witnessed the Saddleworth Beerwalk will know what a great, fun day it is. Anyone who has taken part in it, like myself in the very first one, will say the same but their memory might be a little bit blurred

This Beerwalk video was taken in between Greenfield and Uppermill and show the participants meandering towards their next Pub, the wagon, in Uppermill.

I cannot remember there ever being as many people in the Beerwalk as there was in 2009's, they just kept coming along the street and they were all smiling and laughing as they walked. The young people are keeping this great charity event a thriving Saddleworth tradition.

The rainy weather did nothing to stop it being a great day for all who attended. If you recognise yourself on this shaky video please sign our guestbook and we will create a roll of honour for all the Beerwalk  participants

Get Directions to Saddleworth from The AA HERE